Mooc Smart cities: Take up the challenges of cities in the digital era.

“Technological challenges of participatory smart cities”

Starting on June 24, 2019 for a period of one year, the Mooc “Technological challenges of participatory smart cities” presents the technological architecture required for Smart Cities and prepares cities and companies for a comprehensive and interoperable approach.

The course is a high level introduction to the constituents of the smart cities’ digital infrastructures, from the network up to the software layers. The proposed survey highlights the technical aspects to be taken into account to create practical services and to develop smarter cities involving citizen participation. In particular, it imparts information on privacy and interoperability aspects.

Throughout this MOOC you will :

  • understand what is a smart city and the digital technologies supporting it
  • identify the required skills to design, develop and deploy innovative services toward smarter cities
  • picture new digital services for the urban environment while capturing the technologies they rely on
  • apprehend the costs and impediments (both technological and societal) that may occur to deploy a new digital service in the city
  • investigate public participation in the development of smart cities and the technological and societal challenges that emerge from it.

The course is organized in 5 modules :

Module 1 : Introduction: a perspective on smarter cities
Module 2 : Network infrastructures for participatory urban systems
Module 3 : Software infrastructures for participatory urban systems
Module 4 : Cloud-based urban data management
Module 5 : Privacy-preserving urban systems

The course has been produced by Inria researchers with the support of EIT Digital in 2017.

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