MOOC Introduction to a Web of Linked Data

A new session starts in May! Among its many evolutions, the Web became a way to exchange data between applications. Everyday we consume and produce these...

[Infographic] MOOC Code-Based Cryptography 2

New infographic: the MOOC Code-Based Cryptography 2 through figures. A course intended for fans of mathematics and computer sciences who want to know more about...

[Infographic] MOOC Mobile Robots 2

This infographic presents figures about the second session of the MOOC Mobile Robots and Autonomous Vehicles (Feb/March 2016).

[Infographic] MOOC Smart Cities

This infographic (in french) presents the first session of the MOOC about Smart Cities entitled Villes Intelligentes : défis technologiques et sociétaux and launched in...

[Infographic] MOOC Bioinformatics – session 2

We carry on with the reports of the MOOCs 2016. Here is an infographic (in french) about the second session of the MOOC on Bioinformatics...

Inria’s Learning Lab was created in june 2016 in order to make digital learning a key research issue and to bring Inria research teams together around this topic.

It's the evolution of Inria's Mooc Lab, which was created in 2013 : this structure helped to produced 14 MOOCs between 2013 and 2016. 10 of these courses were created as part of the uTOP sub-project: "Transfering research outcomes through training"

Inria Learning Lab provides its expertise for the creation of pedagogical resources. It fosters the development of innovative e-learning technologies and projects.

Many courses are currently available on France Université Numérique's platform:

Bases de données relationnelles
A partir du 23 janvier 2017
Se former pour l'ICN
A partir du 20 février 2017
Défis technologiques des villes intelligentes participatives
A partir du 6 mars 2017
Accessibilité numérique
À partir du 9 mai 2017
Introduction to a Web of Linked Data
A partir du 9 mai 2017
Bioinformatique : algorithmes et génomes
A partir du 15 mai 2017