MOOC Environmental impacts of digital technologies (en)

Impact’Num is a Mooc to question the environmental impacts of digital technologies, to learn how to measure it, to decipher, to act and to find one’s place as a citizen in a digital world. 

This Mooc is a collective work with the contribution of more than thirty experts in digital technology and its environmental impact: scientists and educational mediators.

ℹ️ Useful information :

  • Freely accessible till the 31th December 2022, you can study at your own rythme
  • Language : French and English
  • Target audience: for educators (teachers, scientific mediators, animators and parents) and more broadly for the general public
  • Certificate: certificate of completion of the Mooc issued by FUN every 2 month 1/2

To see the Mooc description and to subscribe now via the FUN platform:


Imagined as a step-by-step progression, the MOOC allows the learner to progress in a logical way. Divided into four parts, the course offers activities, videos, concept sheets to deepen certain concepts and bibliographies:

  • Part 1 – Introduction: The environmental impacts of digital technologies to discover the basic concepts
  • Part 2 – Non-renewable equipment to assess the environmental impacts of digital equipment throughout its life cycle
  • Part 3 – Very material digital services is about the whole infrastructure the digital services need to function
  • Part 4 – Economic and societal impacts to be able to understand the debates around these themes and to start the brainstorming on tomorrow’s digital place in the world

⏳ Investment time:

The goal of the Impact’Num MOOC is to become an awareness-raising tool and to facilitate access to knowledge for all by doing a two-level training course:

  • initial course 5h (for everyone):
    • watch the videos
    • do the activities
  • Advanced course of about 10 hours:  
    • discover the topics by following the initial course
    • + by reading the concept sheets to deepen the notions approached (for teachers, scientific mediators or general public who want to deepen certain specific subjects)

Co-produced by Inria and Class’Code association, with the support of the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports and UNIT in collaboration with many contributors.

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