MOOC “Bioinformatics: genomes and algorithms”

This course addresses the required knowledge to grasp the biological entities and phenomena involved in genomics and simultaneously provides an introduction to algorithms on character commands. 

In this course, you will see how it contributes to the interpretation of the genomes text. The different modules will bring you the knowledge to the understanding of biological entities and processes involved in genomics and jointly propose an introduction to algorithms on sequences of characters that, in this context, represent genetic information. This course will cover the code and operation by the cell’s genetic information, gene prediction, sequence comparison, reconstruction of phylogenetic trees. The basic algorithms involved in such practices will be presented.

This MOOC was created by Inria’s MoocLab, as part of the uTOP project ( – uTOP is an IDEFI project that aims to create a demonstrator for increasing research visibility through out training.

A new session, in French, started on May 13, 2019. Register to the french version.
The english version of the MOOC “Bioinformatics: genomes and algorithms” is available in an archived mode (no animation, no attestation).

The latest news about the MOOC can be found with #moocBioInfo

Course summary:

  • Week 1: Genomic texts
  • Week 2: Genes and proteins
  • Week 3: Gene prediction
  • Week 4: Sequences comparison
  • Week 5: Phylogenetic trees

Record track and links:

Session 1 (in French) : May 4 to June 7, 2015
Session 1 (in English) : November 2 to December 13, 2015
Session 2 (with Python) : May 9 to July 26, 2016
Session 3: May 15 to July 18, 2017

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