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Boosted with AI! Machine learning and data

2.1 To question yourself: AI in all its aspects?


Introduction video
Through Guillaume’s questioning, develop critical thinking, including to assertions so-called scientific (or made by scientists)
To initiate a differentiation between recognition and prediction systems, and to explore the notion of supervised learning
Pedagogical activity
Activity sheet for classroom use, based on the previous videos and text resources to visualise all the areas that are already impacted by AI.
Sources and additional links
Resources used to design the activities and to go further

2.2 To experiment: Let’s play with data


Video Tutorial Module 2
video tuto 2
Practical activity to train an image recognition algorithm with different sets of intentionally biased data
Play with the machine’s neurons: Tensor Flow
Presentation of the Tensor Flow software to build artificial neural networks and test their responses (with different types of problems and data)
Game: play with data
Educational game that is based on the “To experiment” tutorial in Module 2 to help children aged 7 to 12 understand how AI works, the notions of bias and datasets, and to help them recontextualise the uses of AI, what it can and cannot do
Class’Code activity sheets
4 short activity sheets for easy implementation:

  • Machine Learning
  • When a machine learns to play the game of nim
  • Hexapion, a matchbox machine that teaches you to play
  • Machine Learning and Big Data

2.3 To discover: machine learning and data?


In-depth video
Following his questions, Guillaume went in search of answers. He shares us what he has learned with the help diagrams and video documents.
To go further
Text from the Inria AI White Paper 

image texte les défis de l'IA
Scientific articles or extracts from research documents to deepen and nourish the reflection

  • Artificial intelligence and human thought, Magarida Romero
  • Inria White Paper: AI, remarkable achievements
Sources and additional links
Resources used to design the activities and to go further


2.4 To debate: AI, a tool to serve the education


Video of conferences on AI and Education
webinaire IA et éducation Conferences and webinars – Live Chat on AI and education

2.5 Quiz Module 2


6 quiz questions containing feedback with theoretical clarifications to better review what has been seen before.

2.6 AI to play with!


5 questions on the applications or fun applications seen in Module 2 to help to understand through manipulation.


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