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Humans and AI: artificial intelligence at our service?

3.1 To question yourself: Do humans fit for the scrap heap?

Introduction video
Through Guillaume’s questioning, develop critical thinking about automatic information processing: “Could AI replace intellectual work?”
3 texts
To ask the question: “Which job categories could be impacted by AI?”
Pedagogical activity
Activity sheet based on the video and text resources of the sequence allowing to question “Will robots replace us?”
Sources and additional links
Resources used to design the activities and to go further

3.2 To experiment: Let’s create with AI


Video Tutorial Module  3
Practical activities to identify whether an image is real or produced by an AI, understand how classification algorithms and voice assistants work
Application Game Sheet

fiche jeu pédagogique
Educational game sheet for classroom use with pupils aged 7 to 12, to help them get to grips with the tutorial resource of the sequence: AI application game to understand the mechanisms of recognition and detection.
Class’Code activity sheets

  • Playing at debating artificial intelligence
  • Innovative debate materials to contribute to critical thinking through role-playing: two episodes proposed with transport and health.

3.3 To discover: Artificial intelligence at our service?


In-depth video

Video approfondissement Module 3
Guillaume addresses major issues such as the emotion and creativity of machines, decision aids, and the question of democracy to show that we must remain in control of the decisions taken and not let the algorithms drive. The transparency and explicability of algorithms are crucial to fight against the “black box effect of AI”.
Can AI be sexist? To understand the concept of cognitive bias
To go further
Scientific articles or extracts from research documents to deepen and nourish the reflection

  • Article Artificial intelligence: machine learning seeks its ethics; Gilbert Kallenborn (journalist)
  • Binary article: an ethics of AI “in the future” by Alain Loute (Centre for Medical Ethics, ETHICS lab EA 7446, Catholic University of Lille)
  • The Inria white paper: The AI debate
Sources and additional links
Resources used to design the activities and to go further


3.4 To debate: AI and humans


Video of conferences on AI and Education
Webinar: How can we trust AI? From the black box to explainable AI.

3.5 Quiz Module 3


Quiz questions
exemple quiz Module 36 questions on the theoretical concepts of Module 3

3.6 AI to play with!


Questions on AI applications
Questions on the tutorials introduced in Module 3

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